June 30, 2015

Magical Myanmar


  While the tourism boycott was in place, Myanmar remained off limits to most travelers. Since the boycott’s removal, it is fast becoming a destination of choice for discerning tourists. Here are just a few reasons why Myanmar is becoming so popular.   Mandalay At first sight, you may think Mandalay has little to offer, with its […]

Complicated Cambodia


  Before the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia had so much to offer travelers who visited Indochina. Its warm and welcoming people, together with its rich heritage, made it a wonderful, if uncommon destination; but political events of the twentieth century rendered the country war-torn and unwelcoming to visitors. But what about today’s Cambodia? Has it cast […]

Tourist Attractions in Singapore


  A holiday in Singapore is a heightened sensory experience – whether you’re there for a brief stopover or a serious vacation. The combination of rich cultural influences with world-class development means a diverse array of tourist attractions. Think cutting-edge theme parks, innovative museums, vibrant nature reserves, beautiful beaches, unusual shopping experiences and multi-cultural food […]

Trekking Destinations in Beijing

Great Wall

  Trekking in Beijing can be considered to be the ultimate destination for trek lovers. Beijing holds a deep history which proudly prides in its tradition and culture. A perfect combination of traditional and modern cultures, tourists from all over the world come here to explore The Great Wall of China. And as it is […]

Six Things to do in Bali


  Whatever your age or interests, you will love Bali. Although renowned for its beautiful beaches, move yourself away from the coast and you will be bowled over by Bali’s scenery and culture. For thrill seekers, the breathtaking landscape offers wonderful adventure opportunities.   If you’re considering Bali as your next holiday destination but not […]