September 3, 2014

Italian Alps: Summer vs. Winter


  The Italian Alps are well known as a winter wonderland, and are one of the most popular destinations for ski holidays in 2013. However, this alpine landscape sheds its snowy coat to reveal a summer holiday paradise which locals and foreigners alike have visited for centuries, but receives far less press than its chilly counterpart. While […]

Switzerland Travel Guide


When you imagine the Alps, the first place that probably comes to mind is Switzerland. That’s not surprising considering that about two thirds of the country consists of alpine and sub-alpine areas. Its snow capped peaks, deep valleys, and high green meadows make it one of the world’s most beautiful countries.   I’ve gotten around […]

Lichtenstein Travel Guide


When looking at an overall map of Europe, you’d probably skip right over the tiny, landlocked country of Liechtenstein. Bordered by Switzerland to the West and Austria to the East, it’s one of the smallest independent sovereign states in Europe. The country is only about 16 miles long and 4 miles wide. From Zurich, Switzerland […]